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ACI Dubrovnik


ACI marina Dubrovnik lies at the southernmost point of Croatia in one of the most beautiful and most historic cities in the country, in beautiful Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination that is visited by people from all over the world. Dubrovnik is an interesting destination mainly because of its stone appearance, which resembles a huge stone prevnosť and it was just for Dobrovnik built. To protect the southern part of Croatia.

Vicinity of Dubrovnik is ideal for sailing. Directly in Dubrovnik are 2 national parks and Velika i Mala Petka a national park on the island of Lokrum, which supply much better atmosphere for lovers of sailing and place convenient to float.

Marina ACI Dubrovnik offers 425 berths for ships at sea that are protected from the wind breakwater. A big plus is the marina that is located in a narrow channel, which is the natural protection of the marina. Korvisko each has its own water supply and electricity. Marina is open 1-12 month throughout the year.

Marina ACI Dubrovnik offers its visitors:

repair shop
gas station
Connection to electricity
Connection to the water
Grocery store
weather forecast
Marina ACI Dubrovnik is ideal for exploring new places and beautiful surroundings. Who said it was in Dubrovnik, Croatia is still not recognize.

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