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ACI Jezera


ACI Lakes is one of marinas, located on the island of Murter. ACI Lakes is located near the town of Tisno, where the bridge connects the island of Murter with the mainland. ACI Lakes is located in the lower bay opposite the little island Školjić, thanks to the excellent protected from the wind. For even better protection from the elements is protected marina breakwater. Marina ACI Jezera has 189 berths for ships at sea and another 60 berths on land. Thanks to the marina can embrace a pretty decent number of ships and anchored them comfortably.

Equipment ACI marina Jezera is good. The marine is reception, exchange office, restaurant, toilets and hot showers, service for ship crane for handling ships whose capacity is 10 tonnes and a parking lot where you can park your vehicles. In case you are just planning on sailing courses, a marine sailing. ACI Lakes received the prestigious award blue flag, which is awarded marinas, and places with high purity sea, beaches and surrounding areas. Thanks to ACI marina Jezera provide the perfect holiday for families with children, young people or batch.

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