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The word catamaran comes from the Tamil word Kattumaram, which literally means “tied wood”. Catamaran is a vessel with two hulls, which has become more popular recently. Due to its construction catamaran is suitable for leisure, sports or cruising the Croatian sea. More and more the catamaran gets into the consciousness of people who cruise on him fall in love.

What is different?

Catamaran is specific to their two hollow hulls and has several advantages over single-sailboat. They make it over conventional single-yacht easier, thus has less draft and get him to where you would with single-sailboat never received. Can anchor literally a few meters from the beach! The two hulls of the catamaran are in addition to low weight and other benefits. As they are spaced catamaran offers a wide board, which in conventional catamaran usually produces four sleeping areas and a spacious cabin. Due to the breadth and ease catamaran has high stability on the water. When the waves crash catamaran does not fluctuate as jendotrupová classic sailboat. Tada catamaran is perfect for people who have a better sense of where the deck of the ship at the slightest movement from side to side.


Catamaran is powered by two engines, which provide a simple, easy to steer the ship and sail. With a choice you can select the preferred management style. If you wish the wind, sail and just scoot him the race. In the case of still air motors turn on and present their horsepower.

Natural luxury

Imagine a spacious boat, after which you can easily navigate through its stability on the water, no more seasickness. Wide deck offers more space for sunbathing, games and various free activities for your own. The interior of the ship is also spacious, in the case of unfavorable weather, know your family or a bunch of friends and have fun fully there. If you want to fly comfortably, the catamaran to cut out.


Be the first to mention the catamaran English adventurer and buccaneer William Dampier, who in his travels came up for sale on the southeast coast of India in Karnataka, on the Arabian Sea. He was the first person who wrote a catamaran in English (1697).

They say they catamarans. It is either one, two or more pieces of wood … light are narrow, which sits on a man who has legs submerged.

Vessels Dampier described are still used today on the coast of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the south-eastern India. They are used mainly for fishing and transportation.

Fortunately, catamarans, which can be rented from us are not tied in woods yet luxurious, full and comfortable vessels which can fall in love.