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Dugi Otok- Marina Veli Rat


Marina Veli Rat is located in a beautiful green environment of the western part of the island of Dugi Otok in the bay Pantera at national park Saharun. Marina is well protected from the wind thanks to a favorable environment, but for even more safety is added to the marina breakwater, whose length is 140 meters. Thus the ship anchored excellently protected from the elements and as the owner you can be sure that the ships did not happen. Viel Rat Marina offers 110 berths at sea, each one berth is equipped with water and electricity connection. Naturally, the marina is equipped with toilets and showers with hot water, in areas marina is also near the parking lot and there are supermarkets, post office, ATM, various cafes and restaurants. About your boat will take care trained personnel to oversee everything from repairing the ship to its anchorage. Marina has its own boat service.

Dugi Otok
Dugi Otok is the biggest island of the archipelago of Zadar, 50 km long and 5 km wide. It is quite far from the coast – one and a half hours by ferry from Zadar (3 or 4 lines per day in summer). Dugi Otok is a quiet destination, ideal for tourists who appreciate peace and natural beauty, the island on which there is no need.
The central location of the island in the Adriatic Sea (farther than Ugljan and Pasman islands) ensures that the nom weather was even better and “Stredozemnejšie” than anywhere else in Dalmatia. In the south of the island of Dugi Otok is deep (8 km) Telašcica bay, reached by walking from the mainland part of the park to the bay and salt lake, or ships (ideally) directly from the sea.

Saharun. There are many small islands: the southeastern coast of the island of Dugi Otok is the National Park Kornati – 147 islands with enchanting coastline and lush countryside, with only a few people who live there.

The main attraction of the natural park Telašcica to Salt Lake – a drainage area of ​​2 km length full of lukewarm water with a high concentration of salt – and White Rock in part on the high seas, that after a hundred meters fall into the deep sea.

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