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Istria, Novigrad – marina Nautica Novigrad


Marina Nautica Novigrad is located in Novigrad in Istria, which is only a few kilometers south of the town of Umag. Its place is in the western part of the city, near the main road. Marina offers all the necessary facilities for the repair and maintenance of ships weighing up to 80 tons, which is certainly sufficient. The basic needs of customers Marina Nautica Novigrad will be well taken care of, as marina has clean water, electricity and gas connection. The maximum length of the ship is anchored 40 meters and draft of 4 meters, the berths are 225 offshore and 50 onshore. The peculiarity of this marina are special places for mooring for fishing boats. In them, the boat pulled up to 2-3 m and is thus protected from damage by heavy seas. Once in the marina premises located hotel Nautica Novigrad and also two parking spaces.

Surroundings Marina Nautica Novigrad:

Landmarks – The town of Novigrad surely attract your attention for its cultural monuments, which in addition to voyage at sea will be a nice variation to your holiday in Croatia. From the sea town is enclosed by walls and two watchtowers, which were recently renovated. The main monument is the Cathedral. Pelagia (Sveti Pelagija), but there are also interesting sights such as three-aisled crypt of an old Roman palace Urizziů-Riga (18th century) church. Agatha (Agata World) 10 – 11 century.

Beaches – Beaches in the town of Novigrad is a combination of small pebbles and stone platforms. For their purity and cleanliness of the place are winning blue flag.

(Note: Blue Flag is an international award, which is given for the high standard of protection of nature, clean sea and its surroundings, Neatness, equipment, quality safety and sanitary conditions at beaches and marinas.)

Entertainment and sports – Like any resort, as well as Novigrad offers a wealth of sports activities, where for a moment forget seaworthy and have fun with your friends, or family. Of sporting activities is possible tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, basketball, football, golf, bowling, paragliding, free climbing, cycling, fishing, canoeing, diving and many others. It can also have fun in a variety of bars, discos and festivals, which also abreact and released after a long voyage. The most famous festival in Novigrad Novigrad is a cultural summer.

Novigrad offers culture, lots of fun and excellent service in the marina Nautica Novigrad. If you are looking for accommodation in the town of Novigrad, go here:

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