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Istria, Rovinj – ACI marina Rovinj


Marina ACI Rovinj is located southeast of the port of Rovinj, close to a small yard. It is surrounded by pine trees and just 1 km from the city center, where he island of St. Catherine and its coast, provides excellent shelter from the wind. Open year-round. ACI Marina Rovinj in 2000 was nominated for the “European Blue Flag”, an award given to municipalities to take care of it to their beaches and marinas were clean and did not destroy the surrounding environment. From the sea can be recognized thanks to Rovinj church bell tower of St. Euphemia standing on a hill in the middle of the peninsula. Rovinj ACI Marina has 420 berths of ships at sea and 100 on land. Size of ships that are allowed to anchor is 4-13 meters, the maximum depth is 12.1 m marina. Marina has water supply and electrical connection, WC / shower, food, cleaning, slippage and various restaurants.


The port town of Rovinj has 13,000 inhabitants and is one of the larger tourist centers in Istria. City of Rovinj maintain its Venetian appearance and belongs to one of the most beautiful places in the whole Adriatic. The old part of Rovinj lies on a smaller peninsula, the new part is sprawl on the mainland. Rovinj is a city landmark church. Euphemia, below you will find sites like BalbĂ­n arch, baroque town hall, hourly tower and chapel. Trinity. Beaches in Rovinj are artificially modified. Places are rocky beaches, places a stone platform. Rovinj can have lots of adrenaline pumping water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing, underwater fishing, sailing school, diving centers and diving schools and water polo. Furthermore, you can have fun with climbing wall, paragliding, or paintball.

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