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Istria, Vlalalta – marina Valalta


Marina Valalta is located a few miles south from the town of Vrsar, which divides Lim bay and a few miles north of Rovinj on the street Uvala San Felice. Marina Valalta differs from other marinas and that is the only nudist port across the Adriatic. This port is the right choice for those who love freedom (: D). Marina Valalta has enough space at sea and on shore. Sea depth ranges from 1.6 meters to 6 meters. In addition to a safe berth for a boat to the water and electricity connection marina offers guests a complete service to their ship and crane for loading ships and their lifting and bathrooms with hot and cold water. Around the resorts marina Valalta depicts several restaurants that you can visit. She is best known fish restaurant Spaccio. The campuses are also located supermarket, fruits-vegetables, convenience store and near the sports facilities.


Valalta is the only nudist port on the Adriatic. It is a tourist haven nudists and if you need the flexibility of your trip, so that you Valalta provide many of them. Around the marina Valalta you have a great opportunity to visit a lot of interesting places like town Vrsar, Rovinj tourist center, a little further you will find the city of Pula, a nice trip you can do lima cruise on the bay. Beaches in VALALTA stretches 5 km along the coast. You can choose between sandy beaches, where you can play beach volleyball and rocky beaches.

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