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Marina Agana – Marina


Agana Marina is located in central Dalmatia, between the cities of Sibenik and Split in a small MĚSTEC Marina. Marina has a total of 6 mol whose combined length is 740 and provide 134 places for mooring ships at sea in lengths up to 25 m. Sea depth at the entrance to the marina Agana is 7 meters, and slowly decreases until the minimum depth of the sea in marine 3m. Each one berth is equipped with water and electricity connection, the price per use is already included in the price for mooring ships in the harbor.

The marine Agana is available full service boat for all the tips vessels and service engine, grinding, cleaning services, service sheets, coating and maintenance of electrical equipment. The marine park is also available, where you can without any problems which shut your motor vehicle to be protected at all times. After socially marina is also very well equipped. There are hot showers and toilets, food, bars and restaurants where you can relax.

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