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Dalmatia, Zadar – Marina Borik


Marina Borik is located in Zadar and is well protected breakwater. The marine is a total of 6 mol, while their length is 35 to 100 meters and width of 2.4 meters. All these piers together provide 185 berths for ships at sea to a maximum length of 40 m. Marina thus can cover the yachts that are superior in size and piers provide enough space for comfortable movement after them. Sea depth in marine Borik is at the entrance to her 6.5 mA directly at piers 2-6 meters. Ships from higher dipping thus have great difficulty in marine navigation.

Marina Borik is open 24 hours a day and provides excellent service as service vessels, as well as social needs, or places where you can relax after a sufficiently long voyage on the ship. In Mario is a full service boat, white, plastic repair and various other technical services, where you can put your boat in excellent technical condition. Thanks to the helpful staff to go about it quickly. The marine are also toilets with hot water showers. There you will find a variety of restaurants, bars, pizzerias, cafes, ATM, food and shops. Marina Borik belongs to several marina in the city of Zadar. Away from Istria, you can visit first.


Zadar is an ancient Mediterranean city surrounded by walls, which this city in the past protect themselves from pirates. The city is built according to the principles of ancient Roman and full of sights that you can visit to his visitor. Zadar’s old town is a treasure trove of rare sites of archaeological objects, which are kept by the previous inhabitants of this beautiful town. Probably the most famous place of Zadar are TOR. Playing stairs, “Greetings SunCom ‘, where you can enjoy a nice sunset.

Zadar is not only rich in historical monuments, but also for sport. Is a popular yachting, but in addition to it, you can try other water sports such as diving, fishing, windsurfing or waterskiing and various other water sports from fiction world. If you prefer entertainment more on solid ground, you also release a lot of ball games such as football, volleyball, basketball, and others. In the city you can visit the miniature golf, play bowling or table tennis. You want to relax with friends or family to a nice restaurant? Do you have them there are several and you can choose the best ones, which will in turn offer extensive menus that are great for many a gourmet treat.

Beaches in Zadar are mostly rocky, but it’s a nice place where you can relax and throw away all your worries. The most famous beach is a beach Kolovare, which won the prestigious Blue Flag award, which is given for the maximum purity of the water and surrounding beaches. Around the beach you will find a lot of food, as well as opportunities for various sports activities, so it will spend more than one day, which you certainly take the maximum.

Marina Borik in Zadar is an ideal place where you can be on their way to the boat through Croatia to stop and enjoy the beauty of the beautiful city of Zadar, along with his family and friends.

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