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Marina Dalmacia, Sukošan


Marina Dalmacija is located 5.5 NM NE of the city of Zadar. Marina is one of the largest marinas on the Adriatic. Marina Dalmacija provides 48 mol for mooring ships whose capacity is 1200 berths at sea and a further 500 places for storing boats on land. Sea depth in places for mooring small boats is 3 meters berth for mooring superjácht have a sea depth of 7 mA is possible to anchor a boat from 20 to 25 meters. The entrance to the marina sea depth 4-10 m. Each berth has its own water supply and electricity.

Marina has its own service for the repair of ships and cranes for handling, 8 showers / WC, gas station, which is located in the marina at Pier 1, right at the entrance to the marina and its own parking space for car parking. Marina also has 4 restaurants, 3 laundry and grocery stores.

Marina Dalmacija was awarded the Blue Flag, which is awarded marinas, and beaches for exceptional water clarity and temperature.


Sukošan is a beautiful resort with spacious and cultivated long coastline, numerous intimate coves and clear waters. It is also known as a maritime center. Sukošan is a complex natural pebble beaches, comfortable camping, distinguished buildings, olive groves, vineyards, hospitable people and traditions.
Sukošan honor old traditions as well as the feast of St.. Kasijana, patron Sukošanu (13.august).
Due to many restaurants and taverns Sukošan is known as the place drinking wine and singing.

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