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Marina Hramina – Murter


Marina Hramina is located in northern Dalmatia on island Murter in the same name. On the island of Murter is very easy to get across the bridge in the city of Zin. Marina is one of the larger and offers 370 berths for ships at sea and another 120 berths for boats on land. Each bed has a water supply and electrical connection. For each berth is also available cable TV. Plots are guarded 24 hours a day. Bottom depth in marine Hramina at piers is 1.50 m to 3.00 m. The whole place is secure and under constant surveillance system.

Marina Hramina provides quality and reliable service and maintenance for your boat. All work is carried out in special rooms. Workers pay particular attention to the protection of the environment when discharged sewage, grease – oil and fuel. The marine services are also available to repair sails, paint shop, sanding and painting of axles and boat washing service.

Near the marina are also food, cash, talent incentives, restaurant and bar, gas station and of course parking lot, where you can evaporators your family pet and lineup it on your boat.


Island (18.6 km2), the largest island in the Sibenik group, which is part SeverodalmatĂ­nskych islands. Is separated from the mainland in its central part a narrow strait Murter (Murter channel), the Northeast then washed by water Pirovac Bay (Pirovac zaljev), the west sea water Murter (Murter Sea), which achieves the opposite side to the Kornati Islands. Murter is the village Tisno the narrowest part of the Murter Channel connected to the mainland by a new bascule bridge, 37.5 meters long. Murter island is full of beautiful beaches and bays, for this is the ideal place for a wonderful holiday in Croatia.

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