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Marina Kornati, Biograd na Moru


Marina Kornati is located in Biograd na Moru, which is located in the geographic center of the Croatian Adriatic coast. Marina Kornati is a modern, full service facility port, which is the gateway to the famous Kornati archipelago, which consists of about 150 islands and 200 rocks, around which you can blithely sail.

Equipment marina is at a high level. Marina Kornati has 500 seats for ships to anchor at sea and another 200 berths on land, private parking, restaurant, toilets, the reception information center, complete maintenance of ships, cranes, hangar for ships, a place to store boats over the winter. Nearby are many places for you desired activity. Biograd na Moru is the center of the Riviera and consists of Petar na Moru, Turanj, St. Filip i Jakov, Biograd, Pakostane and Drage. Also, the number of places on the island of Pasman: Tkon, Kraj, Pasman, Barotul, Mrljane, Nevidane, Dobropoljana, Banj and Zdrelac, and Vrgada on the island of the same name. Due to its location in the rugged part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, offers excellent opportunities for tourism and maritime transport as one of the few parts of the Mediterranean. In the vicinity are three national parks: Paklenica, Kornati islands and Krka, as well as a natural park Telašcica.

In addition to the cultural and historical heritage, Biograd is also characterized by beautiful beaches, picturesque bays and various accommodation facilities. The city has a variety of restaurants offering specialties of local and international cuisine. Number of cultural and entertainment programs and sporting events are available in the summer months. Folk festivals in the open air, the pool next to the hotel ILIRIJA, cinema, sports tournaments and competitions are held regularly.

The picturesque Pasman with a number of small islands protects Biograd and its riviera from strong winds from the sea, which is an advantage for swimmers and boats. Excursions to Kornati islands (boats) are regularly offered to visitors of this city, as well as trips to nearby natural park Telašcica. In the immediate vicinity (7 km) is the Vrana Lake, the largest lake in Croatia, rich in freshwater fish. Fishing trips are also organized.

Biograd is one of the largest and best equipped tennis camps in this part of the Adriatic. It includes 14 lighted tennis courts with clay and 6 courts with hard surface. It is situated in a pine forest, along the beach. Kemp provides excellent opportunities for sailing and diving, and also offers sailing and diving courses.

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