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Marina Mandalina – Šibenik


Marina Mandalina is located in Sibenik on the beautiful Dalmatian coast of Croatia. It is known for being one of the safest places in the boat thanks to its natural protection. City of Sibenik, is protected from the sea canal St. Ante, thanks to the marina perfect defense against živlami.Okrem the port has benefited from a neighboring yard, which provides installation, maintenance and all kinds of technical support for yachts of all sizes. Before entering the canal St. Ante is located in the fort of St. Nicholas, which in the past served to protect the city from the sea, but now welcomes all visitors to this wonderful city and more beautiful marina Mandalina. Marina Mandalina is the first and only marina for super yachts Croatia. Beside its ability to deliver a lot of power (over 600 amps), has become a marina Mandalina ideal hub for boat Super Yacht. Marina yachts can anchor lengths up to 140 meters. Marina Mandlaina generally provides 367 places for mooring ships at sea and another 50 sites for storage of boats in dry dock.


City of Sibenik is mainly known for its cultural heritage. Is mainly famous Cathedral of St. Jacob, 15 century. Construction of the cathedral lasted more than 100 years and is listed as UNESCO World Heritage. In the city of Sibenik know also have lots of fun. You can try one of beach sports such as volleyball or football, you can go scuba diving or sailing. Sibenik is the perfect place for vacation with family and friends.

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