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Marina Preko


Preko Marina is located on the island of Ugljan, which lies just across the Croatian town of Zadar and Preko just a marina, which comes into port, which is heading to the island of Zadar. Marina Preko offers 87 moorings to boat length of 20 mA 3-5 berths super yachts of up to 60 m, with a minimum draft of marine Preko is 2 meters. To the marina is easily accessible in all weather conditions and 24 hours a day.

The marina has excellent facilities and provides electrical connection at each berth, drinking water, waste-water treatment, waste oil, waste, marina is protected by CCTV, modern toilets and showers, laundry facilities and a marina full coverage of wireless Internet (Wi- fi).

Nearby there is also a bank, supermarket, post office, restaurant, gas station at the ferry dock.


The island Ugljan is located exactly opposite Zadar and is right in the center of northern Dalmatia. Ugljan is one of the most densely populated island in the Adriatic. Its population is about numbers 7600th Currently is considered a kind of suburb of Zadar, from which is just less than 2.2 sea miles. The island is called interesting dialect which is difficult to understand even for domestic Croats. Above the center of the island is erected fortress of St. Michael, which beautifully beautifies the skyline of this beautiful island. The island Ugljan is significantly agricultural purpose, as there are very good conditions for swimming, because every year on this island facing more and more tourists from all over the world. Ugljan has very good ferry connections with the city of Zadar. Directly on the island leads an excellent asphalt road that leads to the neighboring island of Pasman. Ugljan is excellent for sailing and diving, but you can try the other sports like beach volleyball, or football, golf, bowling, or a variety of other sports from fiction world.


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