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Marina Veli Iž, Island Iž


Marina Veli Iz is located in a beautiful setting near the Croatian town of Zadar archipelago, between the islands of Ugljan and Dugi Otok on the island of Iz, which is located in the lower bay. Marina is open day and night and offers its visitors 150 berths for ships at sea and another 45 berths on land, each one berth to tap and also electrical connection. Thanks to the cove where the marina is located all ships excellently protected from the wind, or strong waves.

Marina Veli Iz has excellent facilities for servicing ships but also for the greater comfort of its visitors. The marine is reception, money exchange, restaurants and cafes near the food, toilet / shower, service vessels, crane handling vessels (30 tonnes), hoist (24t), automatic slip (30 t) and of course gas station, where you can refuel for your marine steed.

Marina Veli Iz is the ideal place to start your trip the most beautiful places in Croatia. Is the center of the beautiful archipelago in Zadar islands Ugljan, Pasman, Dugi Otok and the most famous of them, probably the most beautiful and najvyhľadávanejšieho, Kornati islands. It is an ideal place for boarding a sailboat sails and develop amazing cruise along the beautiful surroundings of the islands.

Island of Iz

Iz island has an area of ​​17.22 square kilometers and its population is around 522 numbers Distance from Zadar is 14 sea miles. Island Iz has two tourist centers Veli Iz and Mali Iz. Both belong to the wonderful tourist destinations, which are surrounded by olive trees and vegetable plantations (for cheap holiday visit – Všetcinapláž.sk portal that offers you the last and first minute vacation in Croatia). Surely you love them every visitor. One of the main articles of trade in this city is ceramic, so in the evening you will find a lot of walking host only their beautiful products is pleased to offer. Iz is an island with beautiful beaches, but if you like to take a bath undisturbed, the island also offers you many coves where you can spend many a calm day only in the presence of wind and cicadas.

Among the popular sports on the island is certainly sailing and diving, but you can try other water sports such as. water skiing, and windsurfing. On the beach you can play beach volleyball and Challenge the couples, or games that you occupied to targeted location by the sea. In the city you can play miniature golf, bowling, table tennis and other sports that will make you stay on this beautiful island. The main attraction is a boat trip along the National Park Kornati. It is the most famous and probably the most beautiful national park in Croatia (note – before joining the National Park Kornati, be sure to charge camera batteries).

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