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Looking for luxury and carefree cruise? To just start the engines and go from the port to the ship, which will be the envy of everyone? So then there is nothing better for you to rent a motor yacht. Motor yacht is a solution for connoisseurs who enjoy their luxury and comfort, but also for the one who wants to show off and be the right guy to show up with the biggest motor stallion in the sea port. Horsepower, sleek look and luxury motor yacht which hides are the main pros of these ships.


Given that it is a bigger motor vessel, the motor yacht management requires a capable and experienced helmsman who can control the motor yacht and has sufficient experience of managing it. Submersible motor yacht depends on its size and weight. Some yacht it can be up to one meter, but other than five meters. Therefore, it is possible in certain cases yacht anchored directly on the beach, but sometimes not. Parking of motor yachts in the marina is due to the size and weight of the ship, more complex. Motor jachcte is obviously driven by the engine, it delivers high speed yacht. To get to the neighboring island? The motor yacht’re there for a few minutes. The downside motor yacht is its fuel consumption. A large vessel with a powerful engine has great fuel economy (diesel).


Motor yacht is a ship that is already on the principle must be comfortable and luxurious. Of course the more luxury, the higher the rental price, but already in the motor yachts have a lot of space in the interior. Cabins, toilets, showers, kitchen all the hidden motor yachts. The exterior of the boat has a place for lounging and sunbathing, unload your pillows and You might want on the front of the ship, pleasant relaxation and comfort with motor yachts for rent you create an experience never to be forgotten.

Motor yacht for rent fully replace hotel or apartment. It has everything you need for luxury spending weeks or months on holiday in Croatia.

Why motoryacht

Motor yacht offers plenty of space for relaxing moments spent with family or friends on the Croatian sea. The motor yacht is easy to move to the places you plan to visit. Can use as interior as well as exterior of the ship. To enjoy true beach holiday? Motor yacht to meet you.

On offer is a lot of motor yachts for sale, just choose the one that best meets your requirements and go for more!