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The term is associated with the regatta race on the water and names the discipline as swimming or rowing. Word of the regatta but becomes synonymous with racing yachts, sailboats specific, which may occur on one race scores and thus offer an unforgettable experience while watching the sport. Races regatta have earned their background and became popular in almost every country in the world. It runs the regatta races regularly and year after year they are gaining more and more supporters. Among the most prestigious regattas include Hanley Royal Regatta, which takes place on the River Thames in England, or Cowes Week, which is organized in Cowes, also in England and attracts more than 900 sailors from around the world who will be involved in this prestigious competition. Races regatta will also become part of the Summer Olympics and thereby gain more supporters in the form of competitors and spectators for this noble sport.

Some regattas are held regularly in the same place, but in others followed strict rules of procedure. America’s Cup regatta choosing a venue based on who won the previous race. At some races are not even sign just anyone but it is necessary to receive an official invitation.

The principle of race regatta is to get in the shortest time with the starting point and a destination. A plant involved sailboats, which are divided into several categories. In race one category, and always attend the same class sailing and because of that the conditions for each participant in regattas and the same winner and has proved its prowess in sailing. Regatta races can participate by anyone who has sailing his liking and he wants to test their skills against a number of competitors. Winners get cup competitions, cash prizes, prizes and of course recognition from other contestants and the audience. It is a sport that can be carried together families, friends as well as an individual athlete.

Some of the annual regattas

American’s Cup – the regatta action from last year’s winner

Auckland Anniversary Regatta – proceedings in honor of Auckland Anniversary Day

Balmain Regatta – Sydney Harbour, Australia

Casoni Grand Prize Solo Regatta – September Balaton, Hungary.

Cowes Week – Royal Yacht Squadron, England

Race Adriatic – Croatia

Enfineering Chalenge Cup – in 2012 took place in Biograd na Moru, Croatia

Fiumanka – most important international regatta in Kvarner bay, is held every year in the first half of June

In addition to great sailing regattas that call Cruser, each jachrtársky club organizes its own regatta for members medzimiestne or international regattas. Mostly these are small sailboat classes Optimist, Laser4, 7, and Laser Radial. An example is the yacht club “KVARNER” Rabac, which Rabackom year in the Gulf of organized regattas 3. Link: www.jkkvarner.hr

1 – Regata Labinske Republic of tips cruiser sailboat

2 – Rabačka regatta of sailboats classes Optimist, Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial

3 – Pochart Yacht Club Istria, Rabac, Class Optimist