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sailboats charterThe wind in the sails”, shouts the captain as follows. Sailboat is also called the most elegant boat, discover why this is so. Sailboat is the first vehicle that is powered by other than human or animal power. With renting sailboats get the true sailor’s experience. Learn how to operate a boat without an engine, just sail with the wind and rush of racing. Elegant cruise you’ll love.


As the name sounds, sailing a ship is driven forward sails. Its operation requires a skilled and experienced sailor who has experience in sailing. Sailing uses the kinetic energy of the wind, which makes sailing driven forward. Modern rig sailing it can propel not only downwind but obliquely, or even against it. Thus, you can select the direction of travel by yourself and you get to where you want it. Draft sailboats can be from 1 meter to 3 meters, with large sailboats more, so approach close to shore it is not suitable. Sailboat suitable for a relaxing comfortable ride, but if the wind blows good, you know you enjoy the ride, you will love.


Interior sailboat is definitely smaller than the interior of the catamaran, but provides everything you need. Basically you hold sleeping area, kitchen and toilet. Equipment obviously depends on the size sailboats for rent. The bigger sailboat, the more equipment and more comfortable stay at sea in Croatia.

Types of sailboats for rent

Available for rent sailboats have tartan tips:

Cat – Cat sailboat mast is anchored near the bow, mainsail is either jigger or Bermuda sail.

Sloop – a mast sloop sailboat anchored away from the bow, thus allowing use of the front stitch canvas. Sloop sailing tip is the most widely used, because using two sheets. Thus constructed sailboat is very good for sailing downwind

Kuter – kuter sailboat mast is positioned further away from the bow, so you can use multiple stitch sails.

If you wish to leave the ship, where you will not be bored, sailing is the right choice. Simply choose from our sailboats for rent and you can soon develop sails with wind and scoot about race.