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Conquer the Croatian sea...
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Croatia exploring the crystal clear sea level is a memorable experience for each seafarer. Country 1,244 islands and reefs scattered throughout this wonderful country offers unique opportunities for sailing, in every place where you will feel the warm hospitality of indigenous peoples. All Croatian islands stretching along the 5835 km long coastline, where the navigation in the sea you can see the nooks and melts all of them. Croatia and offers a huge challenge for many a yacht enthusiasts and sailboats.

In Croatia there are more than 50 marinas where you can anchor your boat and explore nature reserves, major cities, towns, and small island bay. After the exit of your ships on solid ground, you get everything you need for even greater enjoyment float down the Croatian sea, in the form of maintenance of the ship to the dining experiences at restaurants on the Croatian coast. Meet the most famous Croatian island of Krk, Rab, Pag, Brac, Korcula, Hvar, whether in Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula, which offer you a pleasant voyage during its monuments and places to rest.

Adriatic Sea in Croatia is one of the cleanest and immediately captures you with its clarity. In some places it is crystal clear Adriatic sea to a depth of 56 meters, its depth stretches from the north, where waters 50 meters deep to James Island, which descends to a staggering depth of 1,300 meters. Sea temperatures in summer range from 22 to 27 ° C.

Discover the secrets of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea from the deck of the ship. Croatia offers unique possibilities to you with joy waiting. Get into the understanding.