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Croatia is a land of sunshine, lay the cover and mountains gives it a sunny day early in the year. Sailing on the southern part guarantee you a pleasant sunny moments spent at sea and beyond. Daily Croatia offers a whopping 2,600 hours of sunshine a year, thanks to which you will spend your holidays in the room, but if hotels directly on the beach or boat and enjoy it to the fullest. Top sunnier Croatian beach is Makarska Riviera, which due to its location and coverage of the mountains offers sunshine almost all year round and most sunnier island is Hvar, which offers 2,718 hours of sunshine annually. Thanks to the pleasant sunshine day you can sail where you will want to experience the sunset on the sea surface will be one of the most beautiful experiences.

Adriatic delight you with its crystal clear purity, which in some places extends to a depth of 56 meters, where you can watch from the deck of the ship varied marine life that only Croatia has to offer. Depth of the sea stretches from the north, where it has the slightest Adriatic Sea and is 50 meters. I Towards the south of Croatia Adriatic sea depth increases and the island of Jacob achieves incredible depth of 1,300 meters, which conceals its mysteries. Sea temperature during the summer months range 22-27 ° C. The Croatian coast is rocky, rarely sandy, but rocky beach can boast of its purity, you’ll love from the first view.